Lefranc Ferrant

Lefranc-Ferrant deals boldly with the fundamentals of the fashion industry and the approach of the designers by mixing sophisticated cuts garment with a casual elegance :   ▪ From fashion they keep the magnitude of the volumes, the strictness of the cuts and the respect of the bodies, the development of details, an explosion of colors, some rare and exclusive materials and the need of a suitable workshop set. ▪ As the designers they use their freedom to build, the diverted volumes, the contrasts, the flexible movements, the technical materials, the funny associations, the graphics, the working drawing. ▪ Lefranc-Ferrant has opened its shop in the Arty Saint Germain des Prés.
 ▪ Lefranc-Ferrant presents its « ready to wear collection » ▪ Lefranc-Ferrant launches the refined service : « RIENQUEPOURVOUS* » and « Mad to Measure », at any time convenient for you and by appointement only.
 ▪ *RIENQUEPOURVOUS (onlyforyou) is a special time where the shop is dedicated to you or your friends and where we are advising and selectionning your wardrobe according to your expectations. ▪ Special guest of the Fashion Week in Paris each year, sponsored by Alber Ebaz, Lefranc Ferrant produce his shows since 2007.


Lefranc-Ferrant was founded in October 2003.

The Brand has a strong concept, a luxury Image(Haute Couture Fashion Shows),a hype attitude (worn by Celebrities), recognizable codes and a Parisian Know How. Made and thought for the new executive international women looking for Elegant, Feminine, Structured , Statement ,Contemporary, Remarkable and Luxurious dress. One dress from morning to night, from a flight to another , the clothes are “easy going” and crease resistant thanks to the sharp cut, technical high quality fabrics and functional details. From the Designers she takes the essence of construction: the “twisted” volume, bold contrasts, technical materials, graphics and clean lines. From Couture she retains a sense of magnitude, a taste for generous volumes; rigorous cuts and respect for the Silhouette, refined details, an explosion of colors, rare and exclusive materials.

Lefranc-Ferrant industrialize a « Couture» product. Since 2007 Lefranc Ferrant has been holding fashion shows in Paris during Haute Couture Fashion week as “invited member” supported by Alber Elbaz. Today, LEFRANC FERRANT is : A board of 10 powerful business women (10% capital), A share Capital of 211 420€, A luxury brand, 100% Made in France with its workshop set in Paris center for the “Made to Measure”, A luxury brand followed and supported by The Ministry of the Economy and Finance, A brand that collaborates with Chinese, Cies, A Ready to wear Korean license. Beatrice FERRANT : Graduate from Chambre syndicale de la Coture Parisienne Designer for FREDERIC CASTET, JEAN PATOU. Accessories, LOUIS FERAUD, C.MALANDRINO, and BALENCIAGA licences.

Béatrice Ferrant